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As of 1st January 2019, Steel Storage Europe changed its company name to Janus International Europe Ltd

Interactive floor plan

Discover self-storage with our interactive floor plan. The floor plan is easy-to-use and allows you to discover how the various building components and products we offer work in a self-storage facility.

You can navigate the floor plan in two ways:

  1. Mouse over a self-storage building component or self-storage product in the list and highlight the relevant area on the floor plan. Click on the name to read more.
  2. Mouse over the floor plan and it will tell you the name of the building component or self-storage product. Click on the area to read more.

Drop Down units

The Drop Down was designed to be just that — a portable self-storage unit that you ‘drop down’ wherever you need it.

Many self-storage properties have areas that are not designated for permanent building structures — easements for services, future access routes to other self-storage buildings, road reserves or car parking areas that are not currently in use. These locations are ideal for placing the Drop Down.

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Walls and partitions

The bulk of steel needed to build a self-storage facility is in the corridor walls and internal partitions. Because this steel will be the second largest part of your self-storage asset, you must ensure it is a lasting product that doesn’t easily corrode, scratch or need lots of maintenance. Our modular self-storage partitioning system is designed specifically to help customers build a long-lasting asset.

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Our steel self-storage doors perfectly complement our self-storage partitioning and corridor systems.

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Wine section

Wine storage is an increasingly popular form of self-storage. Many self-storage operators are converting part of their facilities into wine storage or they include it in the building scope from the start of a project. How much wine-storage space to offer depends on demand and the location of your self-storage store.

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Lockers section

Our doors can accommodate a variety of locks and latches. These locks can be placed on the left‑hand or right‑hand side on our self‑storage roller doors and swing doors. The tailor‑made fit of our locks decreases rattling and improves stability.


Mezzanine section

If you want to optimise all the available space in your self-storage building a mezzanine floor may be the solution.

Our sturdy, lightweight, high-tensile steel mezzanine system allows for multilevel self-storage at relatively low cost. The steel-frame mezzanine structure is built in accordance with layout drawings for the building, which will include high-quality stairs to provide access to each level.

Our engineers provide designs conforming to all local building codes.


Drive up units

Drive‑up units give your self‑storage facility a modern, professional feel. If your building can include drive‑ups or you have excess parking space that you can build self‑storage drive‑up units on, you can offer easily accessible and profitable units.


Access control and security

The PTI access control and security system has been tried and tested many times internationally since its inception in the USA in 1979. The company now boasts over 25,000 systems installed in more than 30 different countries making PTI the worldwide leader in self-storage security today.

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