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3 key steps to help you remotely manage your facility

26 May 2020

Remote access allows self-storage operators to manage their business from any location, at any time, without being tied to a specific physical site. With the variety of technology widely available, the self-storage industry is taking advantage of the latest innovations and technological advancement to control their business from anywhere in the world. Particularly during these challenging times remote management of your business can be a real benefit. So how can you remotely manage your self storage facility? These 3 key steps can help you introduce remote management systems into your business.

Monitoring your CCTV regularly

Regular monitoring of CCTV creates a safe environment for tenants and is one of the most valuable assets of remote access. Modern technologies such as IP cameras and Network Video Recorders provide the opportunity to view and playback CCTV recordings, using either a web browser or smartphone app. This means you can check on your store’s security at any time. If your store gets an alarm or alert you can instantly view the video footage and see what is going on. If a customer has locked themselves in by tailgating or needs assistance, then you can view it all from your mobile phone and take appropriate action. These systems often include cloud recording of your CCTV footage, making it safe if your office is broken into or the store suffers a fire or flood.

Increase online bookings

If you are spending less time in the office, then why not promote online reservations. By integrating your website and property management software it is possible for prospective customers to select a storage unit and complete a booking within minutes. You can enhance this experience by including features such as virtual tours, online payments and enabling immediate move ins, which help reduce customer waiting times. In conjunction with automatic access systems like nokē, you can rent a unit anytime without staff on site. Once a booking is completed the new tenant will receive a text message containing all the information needed to download and access the smartphone app for immediate access to the facility. For tenants that would like to view a unit in person the Storage Smart Entry app allows managers to open entry points and vacant units remotely.

VoIP phone systems

Use of a VoIP phone system helps ensure that you can continue to receive calls no matter where you are located. These cloud-based systems enable remote workers to login to their ‘phones’ from a computer or mobile app using their internet connection and make or receive calls just as they would in the office. Helping ensure that a team member is available when most needed.
When considering automated technology, research the best options for you and look at what suits your business requirements. Staff are a valuable asset to a self-storage facility, so implementing automation in addition to this can ease the business process and gives operators the option to work remotely if required.

Here’s what some of our members that have remote access systems in place say:

“The continuity of service to our business customers has been the biggest benefit to not being physically on site.”
– Rory Windham, Go Store

“It was when I was sitting on a beach in Tenerife drinking my morning coffee when I received 3 phone calls. These phone calls led to 3 bookings and move ins within one morning. That’s when I realised how great remote access was.”
– Gavin Shields, Store Stuff

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