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As of 1st January 2019, Steel Storage Europe changed its company name to Janus International Europe Ltd

Sustainability and our environment

23 Sep 2020

Like You, Janus cares for the Planet and steel is one of the few materials with a truly closed recycling loop as it is not consumed but is recycled without the loss of quality or strength. In a world concerned with the changing climate, increased population, and a renewed commitment to environmental responsibility, Janus stands tall. 

We provide environmentally responsible construction materials that are long lasting, highly recyclable and of the highest quality.

Janus delivers:

  1. Sustainable production and construction methods, for example volunteering to clean and maintain the Wapping Burn in support of The Wear Rivers Trust’s mission to maintain the wildlife corridor in the heart of Peterlee Business Park, where our factory is located. 
  2. Responsible sourcing and supply of raw materials including sourcing our timber for our packaging from sustainable forests in the UK certified by the Forestry Commission.
  3. Customer driven environmental product declarations for all product lines including a warranty of up to 20 years on some of our products
  4. New and innovative products and services designed for a greener planet including a multi-year battery life on our Bluetooth smart lock solutions

Janus has made a commitment to reducing its environmental footprint while continuing to supply the highest quality products to the self-storage industry.

We are trialling a new initiative for all our waste streams to utilise the available space in each of our skips, reducing the number of collections and creating additional free time in the loading area to manage our customer collections without interruption. Our aim over a twelve month period is to see a reduction in waste transfer costs as a result of better management and recycling of all waste products, a reduce in carbon emissions strengthening the Janus strategic goals on sustainability and 100% recyclability at end of life of our product.

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