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As of 1st January 2019, Steel Storage Europe changed its company name to Janus International Europe Ltd

Where we began

Steel Storage Europe was formed in 1996 and has been the market leader for the European self storage market since. From the start the company became a driving force in the self-storage industry and helped establish and grow the European self-storage markets when it was in its infancy.

Steel Storage Europe Ltd

With a sales office in London and a manufacturing plant in Peterlee, Steel Storage Europe design, manufacture and install for the leading brands and small operators across Europe.

Steel Storage Europe is a fully owned subsidiary of Janus International Group which is the global leader for Self Storage Construction, and produces more than 14,000 doors every week.

Colin Jeromson is the Managing Director of Steel Storage Europe a position he has held since joining the business in 2008.
Local service, international strength

With offices in Australia, Singapore, the UK and France, we have an experienced logistical and manufacturing framework unmatched in the industry. Although we are an international company, we understand the unique needs of the local markets in each region. Fundamental in this is that we share knowledge across the brand ensuring globally consistent quality and constant evolution.

First entry

As drivers and innovators in self-storage we pride ourselves on achieving first-entry status on self-storage construction and fit-out projects in new markets. Our level of experience in the industry lets us overcome challenges that arise in new markets where we always adopt and respect local regulations and practices.

Where will we work?

We will go where you need us. With our unparalleled skill and experience you are in the hands of experts, no matter where in the world you are. We work hard to develop markets and use our global experience and network to provide a unique world-class solution.

No project too big or too small

Since the beginning we have worked on every type of self-storage project – from large multi-facility operators to independent start-up facilities. We nurture new entrants to the self-storage industry and work closely with regional associations to access all the relevant industry information.

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