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As of 1st January 2019, Steel Storage Europe changed its company name to Janus International Europe Ltd

Partition systems

The bulk of steel needed to build a self-storage facility is in the corridor walls and internal partitions. Because this steel will be the second largest part of your self-storage asset, you must ensure it is a lasting product that doesn't easily corrode, scratch or need lots of maintenance.

Our modular self-storage partitioning system is designed specifically to help customers build a long-lasting asset.

Easy to clean

Dust and debris can build-up in the channels that hold the self-storage wall partitions in place. Our solution is a patented plastic insert that prevents dust build-up in the channel. As well as streamlining your self-storage units, it makes them simple to clean when customers’ vacate them. These inserts cannot be removed by customers, as they are fitted into the channel using a simple ‘click-in’ mechanism that prevents this.

Safest system in the industry

Our patented vertically-interlocking, high-security Streamline safe-edge panel system was designed with safety in mind. The exposed edges of these internal partitions are protected by return folds. There are no vertical fixings, pop rivets or studwork requirements. As there are very few fixings inside the self-storage units, it is – by far – the safest modular self-storage partitioning system available.

Modular system adds flexibility

Our system was designed so developers could easily transform an existing building into a self-storage business. Our modular self-storage partitioning system allows for repeatable sizes, simplified and rapid installation and calculable self-storage spaces based on metric dimensions.All self-storage units consist of modular hallway panels, internal wall partitions and high-strength steel swing or roller doors. The internal panel has a patented 'snap together' interlocking seam and its profile adds rigidity and an excellent appearance. The hallway panels have a high-gloss finish for added light reflection and durability.You’ll realise the benefits of a modular system if you need to resize your units, as the internal wall partitions easily dismantle and reassemble to suit your requirements.Should you need to move your self-storage store, our extensive experience with moves shows we can often recover the large majority of materials to re-use at your new location. This can prove critical when leasing your business space.

High-quality and durable materials

To give the steel real longevity, we manufacture the walls and partitions using aluzinc-coated hi-tensile steel. The aluzinc coating makes it up to four times more corrosion resistant than galvanised steel. This type of steel was originally created to withstand the harsh climate of Australia. It has since been tested worldwide and has proven to be a high-quality, durable product which comes a 20 year warranty.

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